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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Christmas 2010

The Dell Redundant Workers Association Committee and Office Staff would like to thank you the Members for your support during this past year.

A Very Happy Christmas to You All

Monday, December 20, 2010

Meeting with The Tanaiste Mary Coughlan

The Committee had a very informative meeting with The Tanaiste Mary Coughlan last Wednesday. Among the issues discussed were:
  • The Business Start Up Program and
  • The 3rd Level Education Funding.

Alterations to Welfare payments arising from the budget.

The links below are the information that Welfare has published on how the recent budget will alter payments, there's nothing specific for Education supports but we do know that if you were in receipt of both a grant and the BTEA that will now stop.
(If you started last year you couldn't have both but if you had started the year before then you may have been able to keep both for last year too.)

The link below is the the Section of the welfare site on the budgetary change:

This is the same information in pdf format if you want to download it:

Friday, December 17, 2010

Delegation from:
The Dell Redundant Workers Association in Dail Eireann

Photograph taken on December 15th in Dail Eireann:
Prior to meeting the Tanaiste, Mary Coughlan.

From left to right: Niall Collins TD, Paul O'Connor(Chairman), Brian Jordan(Secretary),
Willie O'Dea TD, Gerry Hinchy(Treasurer, Jan O'Sullivan TD, Kevin Carty(Committee)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bill Cullen regarding Dell's decision to leave Limerick have been branded as "offensive" and "disgraceful"

Bill Cullen regarding Dell's decision to leave Limerick

Spokesman for top businessman denies he described workers as 'lazy'.
15 December 2010
By Alan Owens(Limerick Leader)>>> Read on

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


An Invitation has been issued to the Dell Redundant Workers Association to meet The Tanaiste, Mary Coughlan in Leinster House today Wednesday December 15th. The purpose of this Meeting is to lay before the Tanaiste the concerns of our members regarding the administration to date of the European Globalisation Fund. The Association is being represented by: Paul O'Connor, Chairman; Brian Jordan, Secretary and Gerry Hinchy, Treasurer.
Among the items on the very full Agenda:
  • Issues with regard to omitted companies from The Original EGF submission for funding.Allocated Monies €3.4 million of which €800,000 has been Drawn Down to date.

  • Education:In the guidelines issued by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in May of this year, it was stated that the fund would “continue until 29 September 2011 unless otherwise advised by the Department of Education and Skills. The academic years of 2009-10, 2010-11 and 2011-12 fall within the timeframe for funding under the measure.” No further guidelines to the contrary have as yet been issued by the HEA or the DES

  • Omitted Interventions:
    • Potential Under spend €14,000,000 (INTERNSHIPS)


The following is an email sent by HEA to All Education Providers. If you are affected by these change of dates and signed up for a 3/4 year Course and now have no FUNDING to continue please contact us:

Dear Colleagues,
In the circular issued by the HEA of 18th May 2010, it is stated that the academic year 2011-12 is included in the implementation timeframe. This was based on a particular interpretation of the governing EU Regulation establishing the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund.
In the interim, however, and subsequent to the circular being issued the European Commission has clarified that this interpretation is not correct. The position therefore is that the Dell EGF will terminate on 28 June 2011, thereby excluding the 2011-12 academic year from the funding timeframe of the initiative.

The current 24 months EGF implementation timeframe remains an issue of concern for the Department of Education and Skills as the managing authority of the EGF in Ireland. The Irish authorities have drawn the attention of the European Commission to this issue and have sought a longer implementation timeframe. The authorities are continuing to highlight this issue in the context of the review of the EU Regulation commencing next year and any potential greater flexibility arising from same over time. However, at this time the official position remains as stated in the preceding paragraph.

Higher Education Authority
10 December 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Redundant Dell Workers Denied Training and Internship Programmes due to an artificial lack of EGF funding engineered by the Department of Education and Skills.

The DRWA were told today that funding to provide training and internship programmes for the Ex Dell & Associated Company Workers has been refused EGF funding.
The DRWA (Dell Redundant Workers Association) and ICBE (Irish Centre for Business Excellence) have been working closely since August of this year to develop a training programme designed to produce effective outcomes for EGF clients. This programme would have consisted of a Begin Again Internship pathway for up to 400 Redundant Dell workers who are still trying to find jobs.

A detailed proposal was presented to the EGF steering committee on the 30th September for consideration. However Today - 54 days later- funding has finally been denied based on the following reasoning;

  • FÁS already provides this service (Despite the fact that everyone knows FÁS is being disbanded.) 
  • There is insufficient funding available to finance programme. - Despite the fact that   there is a current surplus of €10,000,000 ready to be returned to Europe and the Irish Government can re-allocate 20% of this funding without referring back to Brussels.
  • The funding for this programme has been refused by the Department of Education and Skills who are the administrative authority for the Dell European Globalisation Fund in Ireland. Rather than take a stance that provides solutions for unemployed Irish workers the DES(The Department of Education & Science) has chosen to sluggishly apply their own complex, draconian and outdated bureaucratic guidelines.
  • FÁS have previously advised they have provided 2400 occupational guidance sessions at a cost of € 100 per person. The Feedback we have received from our members is that these "Occupational Guidance Sessions" provided by FÁS consisted of being made to sign a FÁS registration form and getting FÁS courses pamphlets.

Despite this claim the truth is that FÁS have to date provided only 110 internship programmes. FÁS now state that no more INTERNSHIPS will be available under EGF funding as they have spent their EGF allocated budget.

Even though the EGF submission to Europe provided 200 Internship programmes these places have not been provided by FÁS. Rather than meet their target of 200 Internship programmes FÁS chose to provide 127 one year CE schemes that had already been budgeted instead of fulfilling their obligation and they had the affront to send the bill to the EGF!

The DRWA conducted a survey with our membership on the four proposals presented at the last steering Committee meeting held on 30th September.

1.      Proposal to run Process Management / Sales and Marketing Management course for EGF clients including   work experience with company.  (University Limerick )
2.      Proposal to run Franchise Enterprise Development course for EGF clients. (LIT)
3.      Proposal to run Digital Media / Computing /Web Development Course for EGF Clients through. (Tipperary Institute)
4.     Proposal Begin again Programme. (ICBE/DRWA)

244 of our members where contacted and asked, if given a choice which course would they prefer to partake in.

University of Limerick = 39                              
which equates to  16%
Limerick Institute of Technology      =   17        
which equates to    7%
Tipperary Institute of Technology      =     1      
which equates to    0%
Irish Centre for Business Excellence = 187      
which equates to 77%
In the current bail-out climate it is staggering that more than €10,000,000 (Yes! TEN MILLION!)  Will be returned unspent to Brussels. The DES civil servants in Dublin need to wake up and start to use some basic common sense for once. They need to use the existing EGF rules to approve funding for these badly needed courses and stop denying unemployed Irish workers their right to flexibility and freedom of choice and initiatives that might help them get back to work!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Unemployed should act quickly
To avail of Free Career Coaching

The following information may be of particular interest
to those of you who are outside of The EGF Fund.

Career Decisions Ireland, an award-winning Irish-owned career coaching company, has today reminded jobseekers who wish to avail of free career coaching under a Government-backed scheme that they should enroll immediately as places are being snapped up with over 40% of the total places already taken.  The company is providing 1,000 unemployed people throughout Ireland with a free professional Career Coaching Programme in several locations in a bid to help them explore their career options and improve their future job prospects. 

Enrolment has already begun and  each of the 15 counties involved (including Limerick) has a limited number of places participants can find out more about this programme on or by calling 061 400664 or find Career2Fit on Facebook. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Launch of the INOU Pre-Budget Submission

The Top TableThe Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed launched its Pre-Budget Submission on Monday November 1st 2010. The Submission urges the Government to invest additional resources to address the unemployment crisis; Read on

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mobile 2010 Conference

 The long awaited
Mobile 2010 Conference
is taking place at the brand new Convention Centre, Dublin on November 11th.

The world of mobile commererce is accelerating at a fascinating speed.  Mobile devices dominate our daily lives - understanding and taking advantage is key to staying ahead.

# How will Ireland achieve a position as a Global leader in Mobile?
# Mobile Commerce & Innovation - What exactly are the opportunities available to your business?

Read On for More Information

Friday, October 29, 2010

New WebBlog a Resource for Business Startups


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Courses through the Limerick College of Business Studies

 We've been in touch with LCBS. Here's a selection of the courses that they have on offer:

  CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

    Globally recognised 6 month course designed to give the skills in the fundamentals of finance and business and is also a gateway certificate to the CIMA professional qualification.

    Suitable For:

    Self Employed Business owners
    Non-Financial Managers
    Non-Accounting graduates as an entry route into a career in finance

    The certificate subjects are:

    Fundamentals of management accounting
    Fundamentals of financial accounting
    Fundamentals of business mathematics
    Fundamentals of business economics
    Fundamentals of ethics, corporate governance and business

    Each module runs for 5 weeks with an examination in week 6.
    Commencing 15th November 2010

      TEFL (Teaching English as a foreign Language) INTERNATIONAL Training Course

      A 4 week TEFL Teacher training course awarded by TEFL International. The full course consists of 100 hours which leads to you obtaining a fully recognized qualification.
      Vast job vacancies in this area are available globally.
      Next course commencing on the 15th November 2010

       Business English & ICFE (International Certificate in Financial English)
        A range of short term and long term courses are available at all levels to improve business and general English starting throughout the year.

        Manual & Computerised Accounts & Payroll Courses 

        Sage Accounts / Accounts IQ / Thesaurus

            LCBS Professional Tuition Limited
            56 O’ Connell Street

            Sunday, October 24, 2010

            Pre Apprenticership Course

            "Here is the text of an email received from one of our members living in Co Tipperary: 
            Hi Fergus, at present I am participating in a course which is being hosted by FAS at Roxboro. Today I was talking to a man who is conducting a course aimed at young people who are currently unemployed and don't know what to do in life. It's called a Pre Apprenticership course and involves mainly basic construction work, e.g. building a timber frame extension or shed, installing central heating, flooring, roofing, blocklaying, plastering etc.

            It' s the kind that would prove very beneficial to anyone contemplating more advanced DIY at home or if they have some skill and experience, doing odd jobs, handyman style, to earn some money. I'm sure that a fair few of my former colleagues would find a course like this quite interesting. Not everbody would be keen on developing IT skills and the internship scheme doesn't suit a lot of people either. Could you circulate this to all on your mailing list please and there is a positive reaction then we could approach the EGF people for funding.
            Had I known that something like this was being offered by FAS, then I certainly would have enrolled before now and would have asked that it be made available to all redundant Dell workers.

            I think it would an excellent use of EGF funding. Oh, and it's not a men only thing either.

            Cheers Eamon."

            Thursday, October 21, 2010

            2 Upcoming events.

            An information evening takes place in the Jean Monet Theatre (DG016), UL on
            Tuesday 26th of October at 7pm. This is on the Red Programme being run in UL. Details below.

            There will also be a seminar on Job search strategies held in the Absolute Hotel Limerick Thursday 28th October, (6.30pm to 8.30pm) as before further information below.

            The RED Programme

            (Re-Employment & skills Development)
            Are you eligible for EGF and looking for skills required by SMEs?
            The University of Limerick is launching the RED Programme, a six month programme, funded under the European Globalisation Fund. Starting in January 2011, this diploma course will provide business skills and an industrial placement to assist participants in securing jobs within the emerging smart economy.

            What is the Purpose of the RED Programme?
            The programme will provide participants with Core Business Skills, particularly those necessary for
            small companies. The RED Programme aims to provide individuals with positions within
            companies developing new technologies and services for emerging markets. The RED
            Programme will run for approximately 6 months with a placement period of up to 2 months
            within a company.
            Important: An information evening takes place in the Jean Monet Theatre (DG016), UL on
            Tuesday 26th of October at 7pm. There are 80 places available on the programme. Come and
            have a chat, ask questions and find a new career….you never know what's in store for you.
            What is the Programme Structure?
            Participants will select two Core Business Skills which will be the focus of the programme. They
            will also develop a set of Technical, Business and Communication Skills.
            Core Business Skills
            1. Project Management
            2. Product Management
            3. Quality Assurance
            4. Process Management
            5. Sales Management
            6. Marketing & Market Research
            7. Human Resources & Administration
            Technical, Business & Communication Skills:
            • Innovation Development
            • Leadership & Assertiveness Skills
            • Introduction to Enterprise Software Apps
            • Investment: Expectations & Requirements
            • Group Speaking & Negotiation Skills
            • Team Development & Team Working
            • Business Plan Development
            How will it be Delivered?
            The RED Programme is part-time, running approximately 3 days a week. It will be delivered by a
            combination of classroom sessions, training courses and workshops. The course will be provided
            by University of Limerick staff, industry experts, consultants and guest speakers.
            What are the Expected Outcomes?
            • Participants will develop a set of Business Skills that will equip them to work within
            companies which are developing new technologies and services for emerging markets.
            • They will also have up to 2 months work experience to develop a portfolio of those skills.
            • Participant who complete the RED Programme will also be award University of Limerick Diploma in Technical, Industry & Professional Skills.

            Contact: If you wish to attend this event or find out more about the RED Programme, please email: Tel: 086-8597927

            Seminar on Job Search strategies
            (E-mail received)

            I wanted to let you know that there is a Free Seminar which may suit some
            of your members who are looking at career options.

            "Improving Performance for Employees & Job-Seeker Strategies" learning and
            networking sessions will be presented by Career & Life Planning

            The sessions will demonstrate how improving attitude and self awareness
            can significantly improve self-confidence and performance which will lead
            to positive results for career planning in the short and long-term.

            Thursday 28th October Absolute Hotel, Limerick (6.30pm to 8.30pm)

            If you are interested in attending, please contact Fiona Donlon to reserve
            your place on email: or phone 061 371753

            Tuesday, October 19, 2010

            Web developer/designer required for occasional development work on existing website.
            The person must have experience in this area and be available on a contract basis when needed.

   or 086 8308218

            Tuesday, October 5, 2010

            National Maritime College Ireland

            We have been contacted by the NMCI in relation to their Offshore training courses, their website is here and please find additional information on each course linked below.

          • Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training-(BOSIET)-OPITO ApprovedThis 3 Day offshore course is designed to assist in meeting the initial onshore safety and emergency response training and assessment requirements for personnel new to the offshore oil and gas industry.

          • Further Offshore Emergency Training -(FOET)-OPITO ApprovedThis 1-day offshore course is to complement and refresh existing emergency training gained in the Basic Offshore Safety & Emergency Training (BOSIET) Course(helicopter escape, survival techniques etc...)

          • Minimum Industry Safety Training-(MIST)-OPITO ApprovedThis 2-day course is OPITO Approved. It is anticipated that this course will become a requirement for all new entrants to the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

          • (OWEST) OFFSHORE WIND ENERGY SAFETY TRAININGThis 1-day course is designed to give delegates the basic safety training required for working on or near Offshore Wind Energy Sites.

          • Helicopter Underwater Egress Training with Emergency Breathing System-(HUET & EBS)-OPITO ApprovedThis training is aimed at offshore personnel who come in contact with helicopters and for personnel who require safety training.
          • Friday, October 1, 2010

            "Finding The Entrepreneur Within"

            FRANCHISE CONNECTIONS are involved in running a seminar “Finding The Entrepreneur Within” (details below) and would be grateful if you would inform your members.
            We would also be happy to do a separate seminar or workshop especially for your members on request.

            Do You Want To Take Control Of Your Life And Make a Fresh Start ?
            ...If Yes, Why Not Consider Starting Your Own Business and No Longer Be Reliant on Employers to Secure You & Your Family’s Future?

            YOU are invited to a FREE Educational Seminar
            “Finding the Entrepreneur Within”
            On Wednesday 20th October
            LIT Millennium Theatre
            (6:30pm finishing 8:30pm)
            Learn About…
            Deciding if going in to business is really an option for YOU.
            What type of business is right for you?
            How do you get started?
            Where will the money come from?
            What are the risks?
            REGISTER TODAY for this FREE event at:
            or email:

            Thursday, September 30, 2010

            Some Advice from:
            Successful Movie Actor Will Smith

            We wish to acknowledge our thanks to for the use of this video.

            Thursday, September 23, 2010


            Gain Nationally Recognised Qualifications
            JobFit is a free 13 week programme of training for unemployed people to help them improve their skills and find a job. We will work with you from programme start to finish, providing a personalised service to help you overcome the challenges you face in getting a job. We provide training, support, qualifications, job searching advice and guidance.
            JOBFIT OFFERS YOU:
            Free Training: Gain nationally recognised qualifications.
            Work Placements & Job Placements: Gain valuable work experience and jobs with local employers
            Job Search Support: Get tips and advice to help you find the right job
            JobFit is for anyone who has been in receipt of social welfare payments for 3 months or more and who are qualified to junior cert level or below.
            Contact: JobFit Limerick - Freephone 1800 303 354 - Email:
            Nicola Ryan - Jobfit Advisor
            JobFit - TBG Learning

            Unit 11C Watch House Cross Limerick
            Freephone: 1800 303354
            Landline: 061 324787

            JobFit Region: Limerick - Clare - Tipperary

            Sunday, September 19, 2010

            Career Development with Certificate In Logistics

            This programme is aimed at the development of marketable competencies in Logistics and Supply Chain Management for unemployed men and women and is open to recipients of Jobseekers Allowance/Benefits in Ireland. Career Development with Certificate in Logistics is a fully sponsored Training & Education Programme under the Labour Market Activation Fund, 2010.

            Participants will build competencies in:
            • Customer Service
            • 3rd Party Logistics
            • Economic Analysis
            • Communications
            • Problem Solving
            • Distribution
            • Warehousing
            • Transport
            • Logistics Technology
            Dates 2010 Location: Limerick September 27-October 15
            Raheen Conference Centre Raheen Business Park
            More Information

            Thursday, September 16, 2010

            Pery Square Business College

            Pery Square Business College is located at 4 Pery Square, Limerick and has been running Computer Training courses for over 20 years. The college prides itself on its ability to constantly update and modify our courses to suit the changing needs of the workplace. We keep our class sizes small to ensure each student gets individual attention from the trainer and many students return for more courses because of this feature. Our courses are designed for both people looking to up-skill and also for beginners looking to learn a new profession. All of the courses are aimed at getting people the training they need for the job they really want. The courses are also useful for those wishing to progress to other courses or Third Level Education. We also operate a Recruitment Agency for administration and accounting positions.


            Tuesday, August 24, 2010

            Job Opportunities: 3 * Financial Sales Representatives


            POD Financial Services are seeking three professionals to join their team as Financial Sales representatives.

            Key requirements of the role include:
            • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients, internally and externally, through the delivery of high quality financial services;
            • Manage the take on of new business and clients;
            • Ability to work on own initiative as well as part of a team;
            • Flexible and adaptable to change;
            • Friendly and enthusiastic personality.
            Own car. Knowledge of the financial sector may be an advantage but is not essential.
            Full training included. Closing Date: Friday September 3, 2010.
            Further information from Patricia O'Donnell on

            Wednesday, August 18, 2010


            ICBE is extending it's remit to cover unemployed people who are anxious to get bach to work. They have on offer free places on a wide selection of training programmes and networking events.

            For More Information

            Monday, August 16, 2010

            Begin Again

            The Begin Again™ programme offers employers the opportunity to be host companies for 12 weeks for unemployed participants.  This will allow companies to develop projects and/or capabilities that they may be otherwise unable to afford in the current climate.

            Candidates will be matched to appropriate host companies and will be afforded the opportunity to demonstrate their potential to employers, to develop new knowledge and skills, remain close to the employment market, network with peers, and avail of personalised mentoring.

            The programme will be delivered country wide based on demand.  Entry to the programme will be by competitive selection based on an initial application form and telephone interview.  Companies wishing to get involved as a host employer, or those who are unemployed and interested in participating in the course can contact Yvette Higgins on 071 or Paula Crowley at 091 755736 for further information.

            The programme is fully funded under the Labour Market Activation Fund operated by the Department of Education and Skills.  The four month programme involves:
            • 10 day classroom training programme
            • 12 weeks directed work placement with project work
            • One-to-one mentoring
            • Networking with industry professionals
            Call: 061 371753

              Saturday, August 14, 2010

              Take Back Your Future. Career Bootcamp – August 16th – 21st.

              National College of Ireland (Mayor Street, IFSC, Dublin) is hosting a week long Career Bootcamp all next week – August 16th – 21st.  Career Boot Camp is a series of free seminars and workshops to give practical help in the current employment market and real skills to cope with the new rules of job search.   

              Ireland’s leading Career Experts (Rowan Manahan, Krishne De, Brian McIvor, Paul Mullan, John Fitzgerald and Sinead English (!) will give advice on all aspects on the job search process, getting a Plan together after Redundancy and a lot more.

              It is all completely FREE to participants.  This is the second Career Bootcamp and last years Bootcamp proved extremely popular with the attendees.

              ....Networking and how to plan your job search, CVs and Interviews, What Employers are Really Looking For, Your Online Profile- (LinkedIn, Facebook etc).

              Friday, August 13, 2010

              Notification for Position of Development Worker at:
              Ciunas Center for Carers and Their Families

              Ciunas is a new initiative providing complementary therapy (psychotherapy, massage, aromatherapy, counselling; reflexology, aurasoma therapy, craniosacral therapy, nutrition, reiki, thai massage; hot stone massage, pedicure, manicure) at a reduced cost to carers, their families, the elderly, long term ill and the disabled.  

              We are in our first year of running after several years of preparatory work.  We are at a stage now when we need a development worker to interface with care providers in the community ie Brothers of Charity; Caring for Carers; Enable Ireland etc and help us to promote our project.  
              Please contact: Anita Hayes at 087 6236292 for further information.

              Thursday, August 12, 2010

              Learn About Shares

              Learn the A-Z of the Stock Market
              We hold your hand step by step until you become accomplished on the Stock Market

              Comprehensive home study stock market course comprising of 
              Printed Modules, Charting Software and Online daily Support.

              Online trading, tools, tips downloads and newsletters that keep your finger on the pulse.

              Attain a recognised Diploma(Optional)

              In-built simulators lets you trade live without risking a cent.

              Built-in buy and sell signals
              Fully endorsed by leading stockbrokers.
              Explained in layman's terms.
              reduced share dealing and full backup support.

              John Fitzgerald
              Regional Sales Director
              Raheen conference and Business Centre

              Wednesday, August 11, 2010

              Bill Liao Social Entrepreneur

              Click on "Bill Liao" to view and listen. Bill has made available at a course on:
              How to Start Your Business or Social Enterprise.


              Just register with for their multimedia/interactive courses.

              Bill Liao

              Bill Liao

              Tuesday, August 3, 2010

              Operating Reduced Office Hours

              This is to inform you that our office will remain closed from;
              Friday 30th July - Re-opening on Monday 23rd August.

              However we will be operating reduced hours to cater for the LRC cases((Monday: 1.00pm-4.00pm/Thursday: 10.00am - 4.00pm). The E-mail will be monitored regularly.

              Denis Ryan, Paul O'Connor,Brian Jordan, Gerry Hinchy ,Tony O' Shea, Tina Bolger, Christy Mullane

              Tuesday, July 27, 2010

              European Progress Microfinance Facility

              We have received the following email being an update on:
              The European Progress Microfinance Facility

              date 27 July 2010 09:45
              subject RE: EU micro finance

              Dear Sir,

              Thank you for your mail of 07.07.2010 where you enquire about how to apply for a loan under the European Progress Microfinance Facility.

              In fact, the Facility is at this moment in the process of being set up. It is to be managed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) on the behalf of the Commission. The first step will be for the EIF to select microfinance providers in the Member States. These providers can be banks, not-for-profit micro lenders or institutions providing guarantees and other providers of microfinance products to microenterprises. With a view to this selection, the EIF has already presented a call for declaration of interest of microfinance providers European Progress Microfinance Facility

              This means that, you cannot make your application yet for a microloan in your country. You must wait until the microfinance providers have been selected there. The names and other details of the microfinance providers will be published first on the website of the European Investment Fund ( My advice to you, therefore, is to consult that website regularly and to time your application accordingly.
              Further information on the Facility is available on our own website: Read on.

              Tuesday, July 20, 2010

              EBC LImerick

              We have been in contacted by EBC Limerick.

              They are a private college who deliver courses deliver courses in:
              I.T. Management.
              Hotel & Catering
              and other areas from basic to advanced levels.

              They are based at No. 6 Perry Square in Limerick and can be contacted at 061446534

              Thursday, July 15, 2010

              Commissioner Andor meets DRWA Delegation in Brussels

              The above photographs show Alan Kelly MEP, Gerry Hinchy & Tony O'Shea of the Dell Redundant Workers Association  accompanied by Lazslo Andor (European Commissioner for Employment).

              Gerry Hinchy and Tony O'Shea were in Brussels as part of a delegation of the DRWA Committee on Tuesday July 13th. This was at the invitation of Commissioner Andor to discuss the status of the EGF Fund.
              Having been denied funding by the Department of Enterprise Trade & Innovation for the trip it became necessary to seek a sponsor. Without a sponsor the invitation to meet Commissioner Andor would have had to be declined.

              Job placement which was one of the cornerstones of the EGF so that our members could be employed cannot now happen. This is because of the failure of the Irish Government to include this as part of the EGF submission to Europe. When Tony O'Shea asked the Commissioner if it was possible to include the redundant workers from Cherrywood so that they could benefit from the Fund....the answer was NO!!! This was due again to the Government's failure to include Cherrywood in the original submission.
              Report on Radio Limerick Live 95FM 

              Wednesday, July 14, 2010

              Information for Dell Redundant Workers
              from Tipperary Institute

              Education and training is acknowledged as one of the most effective means of dealing with the challenge of unemployment and a shrinking economy.  At TI we hope students will benefit from the positive learning environment and small class size as they progress through their studies.
              Information evenings will be held at Clonmel campus from 6.00pm to 8.00pm 7th September and at Thurles Campus from 6.00pm to 8.00pm 8th September and all are welcome to meet staff who are available to answer queries regarding part-time or full-time programmes.

              Development and Academic Services will be happy to respond to your queries and may be contacted at 0504 28072.

              I have also been organizing mailshots to be forwarded to redundant workers in the Tipperary catchment area.  The mailshots will be posted to approximately 200 Tipperary based redundant workers over the next week. <Click on the link at the top of the page for more information.

              Moya Breen
              Director of Business
              Tipperary Institute
              Nenagh Road
              Co Tipperary
              0504 28150
              087 2310022

              Lifestyle Change Programme at UL Limerick for for DELL Employees

              FREE PROGRAMME for former DELL EMPLOYEES. 

              A few places are left on the Lifestyle Change Programme being run at UL Limerick. The programme will run in UL on Thursday mornings from 10-12 from mid July for eight weeks.
              If you are interested please register:HERE

              The programme aims to help people cope with unemployment. There will be sessions on; coping with loss of structure, developing healthy routines, stress management and career exploration.
              Places are limited, if you are interested in attending please register at:HERE

              Commissioner László Andor
              Meets Dell Redundant Workers Association

              * EUROPA
              * > European Commission
              * > Entry from Commissioner László Andor's Diary for Tuesday 13/07/2010
              5.15pm - Mr. László ANDOR receives Mr. Alan KELLY with a delegation of Dell workers.

              Tuesday, July 6, 2010

              Letter From Co. Limerick VEC

              County Limerick VEC invites you to participate in our new adult education programmes, which are available free to you through your European Globalisation Fund (EGF).

              Courses can be tailor-made to suit local needs and offered at flexible times in your local VEC centre or other suitable venue. An impartial Adult Guidance Service is also available to you. Here is a sample of the courses that we offer:

              Driver Theory Test Suppor
              Care of the Older Person
              Leaving Certificate subjects
              Computerised Payroll
              Budgeting and Consumer Awareness
              Self Development
              Foreign Languages
              Renewable Energy 
              Retail Sales
              Enterprise Skills

              To find out more and to tell us what you would like the EGF to provide for you, please contact or call Assumpta O’Connell on 069 63077 for further information.

              We look forward to hearing from you soon.

              Yours sincerely,

              Assumpta O’Connell
              Assumpta O’Connell

              Monday, July 5, 2010

              Minister O’Keeffe announces 425 Technical Support Jobs in Dublin

              The following is a press release from the DETI which may be of interest to our members:

              5 July 2010

              The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe TD, today [Monday] announced that business process outsourcing firm Stream is to create 425 high-quality jobs in Dublin over the next 12 months.

              The new positions will provide technical support in 17 languages across Europe.

              Sunday, July 4, 2010

              Resources for DRWA Entrepreneurs

              This message is especially aimed at those of you who have set up or are intending setting up your own business. In the first instance answers to most of your questions on applying for the EGF Fund are available in a special section of the Tusnua website:Tusnua:EGF Fund:Dell and Downstream Companies This information is not set in stone however. It continues to be added to. In the meantime if you have a question or issue about the information on this site bring it to the notice of your Committee. We will endeavour to resolve your issue as expeditiously as possible.

              There may be those among you who still have not made up your mind about going it alone. We would appreciate it if you would indicate if you are among any of this group. We have been approached by a number of interested parties who are willing to make themselves available for the purpose of giving you the benefit of their experience. We We have discovered that a vast amount of goodwill exists out there. These interested parties are most anxious that "The Project" would be successful. THAT NO MONEY WOULD BE RETURNED TO EUROPE!!! Only you can make this happen.

              How would you like to have available to you Business Mentoring, Advice and Interaction with Fellow Entrepreneurs? You could be the next McDonalds, Spar, Dominos Pizza or Bill Gates. We expect very shortly to be making further announcements in this regard. With your cooperation this aspect of the Association's activities can only lead to an improvement in your chances of success in what is a very tight market at the moment. It is widely recognised that the future is in indigineous Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs).

              Be assured that your Committee is making every endeavour to position ourselves to benefit from any upturn in the economy. With that in mind we are sourcing the best advice possible with a view to focussing on the future.
              We are in a tight spot at the moment but remember what the Greek mathmatician Archimides said "Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the world"

              Friday, July 2, 2010

              Job Opportunities

              Permanent and long term contracts - Min 4 yrs electronic exp in Dell essential
              Buyer x 2
              Snr Manufacturing Engineer
              Snr Quality Engineer
              Failure Investigations /Debug Technicians

              We have a few other roles on but they need medical device experience.

              Please have a look and see what you think.

              Caroline Phillips
              Managing Director
              Phillips Career Solutions Ltd

              Tel 00353 (0)91-863956
              Fax 00353 (0)91-587015

              Tuesday, June 29, 2010

              Introduction to Micro Loans

              Following on the recent information from Marian Harkin MEP on the new European Micro Financing Facility here is a video to whet your appetite.

              Introduction to Micro Loans

              Wednesday, June 23, 2010

              Lifestyle Change Programme

              The Occupational Therapy Department at the University of Limerick is offering an eight week "Lifestyle Change Programme" for former Dell employees. This programme is free of charge and will take place on Thursday mornings for two hours.

              The programme aims to help people cope with unemployment. There will be sessions on; coping with loss of structure, developing healthy routines, stress management and career exploration. Places are limited, if you are interested in attending please register at:The TusNua website

              Tuesday, June 22, 2010

              More Workers and New Skills Needed

              Skills Investment In ‘White Jobs’ Is A Must

              The following information appeared in a newsletter forwarded to us by the EU Commission:

              The term white jobs can be used to refer to those who work in the health and social services sector.

              For more information Read

              Entrepreneurial Resources

              Today we added an additional section to our site.  You will notice in the leftside on the website there is the option of watching videos in YouTube under the heading "the entrepreneur". These are aimed particularly at those of you who have decided to go into business on your own. We hope these videos will be entertaining, educational and practical, that they will enable your to "Think Outside The Box".

              Best of luck to you in your new ventures.

              Friday, June 18, 2010

              Congratulations to Regina & Alan Kelly MEP on the birth of their daughter Aoibhe Anne.

              Congratulations to Regina & Alan Kelly MEP on the occasion of the birth of their daughter Aoibhe Anne in The Regional Hospital Limerick on Thursday June 17th 2010 at 9.15am. Aoibhe Anne weighed in at 8lbs 8ounces. Mother and Daughter are doing well.

              The Dell Redundant Workers Association wish The Kelly Family Best of Luck in the Future. 

              Thursday, June 17, 2010

              Update on the Micro Finance Facility

              The following information was received from Marian Harkin MEP:
              From: HARKIN Marian
              Date: 17 June 2010 12:08
              Subject: RE: query on Micro Finance
              To: Dell Redundant Workers Association , Marian Harkin

              To keep you up to date regarding the Microfinance facility and its implementation - I am organising a meeting in Brussels on 22nd June - next week between Credit Unions Managers Association, Credit Union Development Association, the Irish League of Credit Unions and the European Commission and European Investment Fund in order to go through the details relating to the implementation of the Microfinance facility in Ireland. I will draw up a short document after the meeting outlining what was said which I hope will clarify any questions you may have with regard to the Microfinance facility in Ireland and how people will be able to apply to access these loans.

              I will be in touch with you shortly.

              Thanking you.

              Kind regards,

              Marian Harkin

              European Parliament
              60, Rue Wiertz
              B-1047 Brussels

              Tel: +32.2.2847797
              Fax: +32.2.2849797

              Movement by Limerick County Councillors to have Dell Redundant Workers Case moved to up the Political Agenda.

              The following is a letter received from:

              Cllr Pat Fitzgerald Limerick County Council on Thursday June 16th 2010:

              Dear Brian,

              Thank you for your bullet points with regard to what you are about, a very well documented briefing of the history of your origin. I will be compiling, in my own style, your cause in ensuring that the European Globalisation fund will be granted to your members who lost their jobs in the downgrading and relocation of the Dell operation at Raheen.

              I discussed your situation with my fellow councilors – Brigid Teefy who is a fellow independent councilor, Thomas Hannon Labour county councilor who is very familiar with the Dell workers cause from the very outset and James Heffernan a Labour councilor based in Kilfinnane, and we have agreed to move a motion at the June meeting of Limerick County Council in the Council Chamber whereby we now call on the ‘Taoiseach’ to act immediately to reduce the bureaucracy and inflexibility by state agencies in the management and allocation of the European Globilisation Fund. This motion was signed by Councilor Thomas Hannon, Councilor Patrick Fitzgerald, Councilor Bridget Teefy and Councilor James Heffernan.

              I will discuss with my fellow councilors, who proposed this motion, if they might consider agreeing to invite members of your association to attend as observers to see for yourselves the case being made whereby we will be seeking the full support of the entire council members in submitting the motion to the Taoiseach.

              I intend to meet with some elected members of government deputies to see if it is possible to meet with Minister Mary Coughlan who I believe is fully responsible for the Dell Globalisation Fund. ‘Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained’.

              You can be sure of our full support at all times.

              Best Regards,

              Patrick C. Fitzgerald

              Wednesday, June 16, 2010

              Tuesday, June 15, 2010

              Kemmy Business School University of Limerick

              The following online Prospectus was forwarded to us for your information.
              Kemmy Business School University of Limerick
              Certificate in Management, Diploma in Management

              Sunday, June 13, 2010

              Upcoming Report on European Delegation which met the Dell Redundant Workers Association

              As reported on Limerick Live95FM Marian Harkin(MEP) had this to say:
              There has been widespread criticism of the allocation of the 23 million fund during a European Delegation visit to Limerick.

              To date only 2 million euro has been spent, with little under 15 months to go to spend the remaining funds.Listen to Marian

              And Sean Kelly(MEP) added:
              The government must be taken out of the equation...Listen to Sean

              Entrepreneurs On The Up

              Referring to the above heading this relates to an article in this weeks Sunday Business Post. It stated in the article that one in six Irish people want to start their own business. This is according to a survey by recruitment company Kelly. The article highlights the need for additionalsupport for would be Entrepreneurs Read here for more information

              Thursday, June 10, 2010

              Redundancy -The Real Issues

              The Dell Redundant Workers Association is holding an Information Seminar for the Public Representatives in Limerick on Saturday 12th June ’10 entitled:

              "Redundancy -The Real Issues"

              Venue:South Court Hotel, Limerick. Sat 12th June 2010

              Opening by Cllr. David Naughton, Cathaoirleach Limerick Co. Council at 10.00am
              Speakers who will make a presentations:

              Jan O’Sullivan TD Labour Party

              Dr Tom Turner UL

              Kieran O’Donnell TD Fine Gael

              Peter Power TD Fianna Fail (Minister of State)

              Alan Kelly MEP Labour Party

              Cllr Denis McCarthy Fine Gael

              Followed by questions and answers.

              The impact on the individual, on families and on the community as a whole, through job losses at the likes of Dell, Waterford Crystal, SR Technics, Quinn, Pfizer etc is devastating.

              Our members are most welcome to take the opportunity to meet with their local representatives.

              Thursday, June 3, 2010

              EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT Press Release EGF

              The following is a Press Release from The European Parliament:
              A delegation of MEPs from the European Parliament's Employment Committee will arrive in Ireland this evening to look at the implementation of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, which was recently made available to the former Dell workers in Limerick. The delegation aims to get a better insight into the impact of the Fund and to get first-hand information about practical issues such as application procedures, the manner in which the funds compliment co-financing by other national/EU funds and levels of satisfaction from the different parties involved.

              The Chairperson of the Delegation, French MEP Elisabeth Morin-Chartier, who will draft the European Parliament's position on the 'financing and functioning' of the Fund, said that 'the European Globalisation Fund is an instrument targeting workers. We must improve its efficiency, speed up the delivery of aid and provide the fund with its own resources.'

              The official delegation will include Independent MEP, Marian Harkin, Labour Party MEP Proinsias De Rossa, Socialist Party MEP, Joe Higgins and Dutch MEP Marije Cornelissen. Other Irish MEPs, including Labour Party MEP Alan Kelly and Fine Gael MEP Seán Kelly, will also participate in some of the meetings (please see attached programme).

              On Thursday, 3 June, the delegation will meet with representatives of IBEC and ISME. They will meet with David Begg and Jack O'Connor of ICTU and with the members of the Oireachtas Joint Employment Committee. In the afternoon, they will meet with representatives of the Department of Education and FÁS and with representatives from the ESRI and from NESC.

              On Friday, 4 June, the delegation will be in Limerick, where it will meet with representatives of the Dell Redundant Workers Association and Equal Rights for Non-Union Workers. They will also meet with the Midwest Regional Authority and with Shannon Development.

              1. In November 2009, the European Parliament approved the payment of €14.8 million from the European Globalisation Fund to Ireland's Midwest region for the 2840 workers who were affected by Dell's decision to relocate its operations to China and other Asian countries.

              2. The European Parliament's Budgetary Committee is expected to approve an application for assistance to 598 workers in the South East Region of Ireland affected by Waterford Crystal's closure. An application for assistance to workers affected by SR Technics's move from Dublin is also under consideration.

              3. The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund has been in operation since 2007. In May 2009, the European Parliament voted to change the rules, to make the aid available to a larger group of people having lost their jobs. In practice, this meant lowering the eligibility threshold from 1000 to 500 redundancies and widening the scope to include job losses due to the financial crisis. The number of applications from Member States has since escalated - from 5 in 2008 to 29 in 2009.

              Measures financed by the fund include:
              · assistance in seeking a job, occupational guidance, tailor-made training and re-training including ICT skills and certification of experience acquired, outsourcing of assistance and entrepreneurship promotion or aid for self-employment;

              · special time-limited measures, such as job seekers allowances, mobility allowances or allowances to individuals participating in lifelong learning and training activities;

              · measures to stimulate in particular disadvantaged or older workers, to remain in or return to the labour market.

              Tuesday, June 1, 2010

              ENTITLEMENT to The European Globalisation Fund

              EDIT: This information is out of date, the companies that were added were removed again as it was against regulation. Only the employees companies on the application the Government submitted to Europe for approval are eligible.

              For the current list see the EGF Eligible companies link at the top of the blog.

              The following forms the list of companies declared eligible for the EGF in June 2010, the list was revised down to the original 9 companies in just a month.
              • Dell Products
              • Banta Global Turnkey
              • Aeroboard
              • Axiom Enterprises
              • Cube Printing
              • Dutex
              • Federal Security
              • Irish Cargo Express
              • Novo Strat
              • Rehab Logistics
              • RPS Printing
              • Sercom
              • Sodexo
              • U.P.S.

              If you are a former member of any of the above companies and have not received notification from The EGF Office please make contact with The Dell Redundancy Association, 31/32 Upper William Street, Limerick. 061317843/email:

              Friday, May 28, 2010

              Who Are Career Decisions?

              Expert Career Advice Available Locally.

              Who Are Career Decisions?

              Career Decisions is a specialist provider of Career Coaching and Psychometric Career Assessments. With offices in Limerick and a Client Services Centre in Newcastle West, the company provides customised Career Support Programmes to their clients across the 32 counties.

              What is Career Decisions Track Record?

              Over the past 16 years over 10,000 employees from organisations such as Molex, Tyco Electronics, Buffalo Technology, Ballygowan, Kostal, Thomson Financial, Thomson Scientific, ACC Bank, Jurys Doyle Hotels among others have benefited from Career Decisions customised Career Coaching Programmes and have successfully re-launched their careers.

              How Can Career Decisions help you?

              Career Decisions Career Coaching Programme will provide you with a structured process and an opportunity to explore all the factors affecting your career and learning decisions. It will enable you to achieve career clarity and will guide you on your journey back to sustainable employment, be that through education and/or training.

              NEXT STEP

              To find out more please contact:
              Geraldine Tobin Career Decisions on 061400664

              Your needs can be discussed in confidence and without obligation.
              For More Information

              Wednesday, May 26, 2010


              We have been asked by Billy Kelly to post this information on


              The next Speakers Corner session takes place on Monday of next week - 31st May at 9pm.

              Titled - 'Apartheid healthcare in unfair times - is there any way out?'
              Sara Burke - journalist, broadcaster, policy analyst and author of the much acclaimed “Irish Apartheid - Healthcare Inequality in Ireland” (New Ireland 2009) will be the lead speaker at the Speakers Corner on Monday evening 31st May at 9pm, in the White House, O'Connell Street, Limerick.

              If you care about the state of the Health Service this is your opportunity to hear and talk about this topical issue with a leading commentator in the field.

              Sara will discuss the impact of recent ‘emergency’ budgetary measures on the health system, the increased privatisation of health care and should public funds be used to buttress private medicine.

              For the first time in the history of the State, all opposition political parties are in favour of universal health care – is this just a veiled promise or is there any reason for hope?

              Past Speakers
              The Moyross Monks (officially known as the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal) were our lead speakers on Monday 17th May. I would like to thank Br. Shawn, Br. Cyril and Fr. Paulus for taking the time to share their experience & views with us. A lively discussion was had on the night.

              Future Speakers
              31st May - Sara Burke, journalist and policy analyst - 'Apartheid healthcare in unfair times - is there any way out?'
              14th June - The People Before Profit Alliance
              28th June - Dr. Stephen Kinsella of UL - discussing NAMA and the Greek crisis.

              For additional information see Common Sense

              Monday, May 24, 2010

              National Enterprise Week
              24th - 28th May 2010

              The following has been taken from the Bank of Ireland website:
              In May 2009, Bank of Ireland launched their first National Enterprise Week. We hosted over 120 events throughout the week, and more than 1000 businesses participated in functions and events throughout the country. Following the success of this initiative, we are delighted to announce that our 2010 National Enterprise Week will commence on Monday, 24th May. More Information

              Video Resources

              Mid-West Launch of the Halo Business Angel Partnership

              We have just received information about the following:

              Mid-West Launch of the Halo Business Angel Partnership

              Batt O’Keeffe, Minister for Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation will officially launch the Business Angel Partnership in Limerick. The Business Angel Partnership (BAP) is a joint initiative between Enterprise Ireland, InterTrade Ireland and the Irish Business and Innovation Centres. The Business Angel Partnership matches private investors with pre-screened investment opportunities in start-up, early stage and developing businesses.

              Business Angel Partnership Launch

              The Savoy Hotel, Limerick

              Monday 24th May 2010

              Opening at 4pm followed by a reception

              Speakers include:

              · Batt O’Keeffe, Minister for Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation

              · Kieran Mac Sweeney, President of the Limerick Chamber

              · Michael O’Connor, CEO CorkBIC,

              · Jim Breen, CEO Pulse Learning and other entrepreneur case studies

              To register for this event please contact: Fionnuala Wall and 021 2307014

              Monday 24th May 2010

              16:00 (followed by reception)

              The Savoy Hotel, Henry St, Limerick

              Friday, May 21, 2010


              A Franchise makes starting a business Simple – with a step by step formula for you to follow.
              Choosing which franchise is right for you is easy if you take FREE advice from the experts…
              Are you like many other people and simply don’t know where to start? Are you asking yourself the following questions? I want to start my own business, but I don’t know what kind? There are thousands of franchises and business opportunities available, which is the right one for me? I don’t have any experience in running my own business; can I get the training?
              The questions are endless and that is where the FREE Advisory Service from Franchise Connections can help you. We will give you honest straightforward and importantly independent advice about whether or not investing in a franchise business opportunity is right for you and if so which one is the best match.
              Our role is to help you analyse your lifestyle, financial and business requirements and then help you find and focus on a few franchise opportunities that best match YOUR requirements. We can then help you right through the whole due diligence process, guiding you every step of the way, on the road to owning your own business. Remember it’s FREE and there is no obligation. Below are what some people who we have helped have said about our service.
              “When considering starting my own business I attended a seminar run by Franchise Connections and subsequently met with one of the consultants, Finbar, to avail of the free advice service. And that’s just what it was – free with no selling and no obligation on me to engage further with the service. The meeting helped me clarify what I wanted to do and what areas I should consider in my search for new opportunities. I benefited hugely from the independent advice and guidance I received and would have no hesitation in recommending this free service to anybody thinking for starting a business themselves.”

              Gavin Bruce, Drogheda

              “When I met Tony Dignam at a seminar I was already down the road of investing in a franchise business. However talking to Tony made me realise that I had missed out on an important consideration, so I decided to start the process again. This time with the help of the Franchise Connections team I have found the perfect franchise for me, so I enjoy getting out of bed in the morning to work in my business and have avoided a costly mistake.”

              Seamus Gleeson, Tipperary

              For Free Independent Advice contact Jude Bredin at or check out our website

              Thursday, May 20, 2010

              The Right to Work Campaign Conference Dublin

              The Right to Work Campaign Conference is this weekend.
              Unite Hall
              55-56 Middle Abbey St
              12pm - 4pm Sat 22nd May.

              The Campaign unites Public and Private Sector workers, Trade Unionists, Young Unemployed together to fight for jobs and services not bank bail outs.

              The Campaign will continue to protest and to organise ever growing opposition to the government.

              Hope to see you at the Conference.


              The above information was passed to us by one of our members Bill Kelly.

              Tuesday, May 18, 2010

              Work and welfare scheme planned for jobseekers

              I invite you to read the following from last Sunday's Business Post:

              Work and welfare scheme planned for jobseekers
              16 May 2010 By Niamh Connolly Political Correspondent

              A major change to the social welfare system will allow jobseekers to continue to receive full benefits and work in the private sector, provided that they also carry out community work.For More Information

              EGF - Life Long Learning

              What does it do?

              Lest is be forgotten The European Globalisation Fund includes a provision to allow for "Life Long Learning". It is exactly what it says i.e. it concerns learning from the cradle to the grave. So there is no excuse for anybody to be excluded from participating in the EGF Fund.

              The following is taken from the EU website:

              The EGF can fund active labour market measures focused entirely on helping the workers made redundant as a result of globalisation, for example through:
            • job-search assistance, occupational guidance, tailor-made training and re-training including IT skills and certification of acquired experience, outplacement assistance and entrepreneurship promotion or aid for self-employment,
            • special time-limited measures, such as job-search allowances, mobility allowances or allowances to individuals participating in lifelong learning and training activities.More
            • Message from Bridget Murphy


              Setting up a new business - there are schemes available to help you keep your social welfare entitlements. But BEWARE the differences between the two. The wrong scheme could result in you keeping your social welfare entitlements for 1 year instead of a potential 3 years.

              FOR SOME INDIVIDUALS, IF THEY CAN AFFORD TO, IT MAY BE BETTER TO START UP THEIR BUSINESS AFTER BEING UNEMPLOYED FOR 1 YEAR AS OPPOSED TO STRAIGHT AFTER REDUNDANCY. Speak to a tax advisor, accountant, enterprise board, mentor etc. the timing of becomming self employed is very imortant.

              Back to work enterprise allowance; Can be applied for once you have been in receipt of Jobseekers Benefit for 1 year. To help people go self-employed and retain SW entitlements for 2 years (100% yr 1, 75% yr 2) (This is In addition to claiming your 1st year of Jobseekers Benefit).

              Short-term Enterprise Allowance: There is no qualifying period for this new scheme. You can get immediate access to the allowance (after becomming unemployed) but you must meet the qualifying conditions. This only lasts 1 year and is backdated to your first claim for jobseekers.

              Bridget Murphy

              Monday, May 17, 2010

              Dell Redundant Workers Committee welcomes European Delegation to Limerick.

              Munster MEP Alan Kelly has welcomed news of the pending visit to Munster by the European Parliaments Employment Committee.

              The Committee will visit Limerick on June 4th where they will meet representatives from the Dell Redundant Workers Association.More information in Alan Kelly's website

              Business Opportunity with Dunmurray Foods

              Buy Pizzas Direct

              We are a company based in Kildare and we recently launched a new business model called " Buy Pizzas Direct". We are currently seeking individuals who are interested in setting up their own business. At Buy Pizzas Direct, our distributors sell packs of frozen pizzas directly to the consumer. Each pack contains 5 pizzas and they sell for €10.00 each. Each of our distributors earn a 35% commission on all sales.

              The two big advantages to our business model is that it is a cash based business and is a repeat sale model. We were wondering whether or not some of your members might be interested in finding out more about our business opportunity.

              If they do, they can email us at:
              Buy Pizzas Direct

              Sunday, May 16, 2010

              Personal Comment on

              I would like to place on record my appreciation to Mike Feerick, CEO of who has come up with this revolutionary idea of providing online education for free. Alison has provided me with the opportunity of updating my knowledge in a number of areas. I'm am managing successfully to update my skills in "Microsoft Office Suite 2003". I also had the opportunity of having another look at "Statistics".

              What I find particularly useful is the manner in which I can interact with "The Voice". Yes I have my personal online "talking" tutor who guides me along. He's available at a time to suit me, goes at my pace and is always in good humour. Learning has at last become a joy and not the drudge that it once was.

              With grateful thanks

              Fergus Murrihy (Dell Redundant Workers Association, Limerick)

              Free Online Interactive courses from: WWW.ALISON.COM

              ABOUT ALISON

              ALISON provides FREE online learning via interactive multimedia for basic and essential workplace and life skills.

              Free Online Interactive Courses & Certification
              It has registered learners in every country worldwide covering subjects such as IT Skills, Health and Safety, English Language, Psychometric tests, Financial Literacy, Financial and Health Literacy. Corporate, Human Resource, Operations, Project and Information Technology Management, Accounting, Psychology, Biology, Economics, Government Policy, English Grammar, English Literature, English Writing, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Health, Mathematics, Law, Outdoor Education, Coaching, Training Theory, Adventure, Visual Communication and Design.

              ALISON also provides free learner group management for trainers, teachers, tutors and HR Manager's in schools, colleges and universities. ALISON is a privately-owned social enterprise headquartered in Galway, Ireland and promoted with the assistance of over 3,000 volunteers worldwide. The mission of ALISON is to enable, anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive multimedia on any subject online.

              ALISON stands for Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online.

              Mike Feerick
              CEO, ALISON
              Free Online Interactive Skills Training & Certification
              Read what others are saying about us
              Tell a Friend or Colleague about ALISON
              List of New Courses to June 2010

              Friday, May 14, 2010

              €3,955,159 For Former Waterford Crystal Workers

              As reported in the Waterford Today Newsletter the EU has approved €2.6 m for former Waterford Crystal workers from The European Globalisation Fund. This together with the Irish government contribution makes an overall package of €3,955,159. More Information


              A number of Supply Demand Management Planners are required at the European Headquarters of a company based in Cork. They are in the process of strengthening this team as a result of recently relocating this business unit from Holland to Cork .

              The attached job spec will give you a good insight into the requirements of the role plus the desired prerequisite skills. The salary level on these roles is approx. €50 – 60K plus benefits

              MORE INFORMATION

              Thursday, May 13, 2010

              Aftershock: Life After Dell

              With the kind permission of RTE One: Watch repeat of "Life After Dell" until Wed June 2nd 2010 Here.

              Tuesday, May 11, 2010

              Welcome to the OU in Ireland

              This is a follow up to the post on the Open University that was published on May 6th.

              All Open University courses presented in Ireland have been recognised by HETAC as aligned with the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

              Read: The Open University