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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Commissioner Andor meets DRWA Delegation in Brussels

The above photographs show Alan Kelly MEP, Gerry Hinchy & Tony O'Shea of the Dell Redundant Workers Association  accompanied by Lazslo Andor (European Commissioner for Employment).

Gerry Hinchy and Tony O'Shea were in Brussels as part of a delegation of the DRWA Committee on Tuesday July 13th. This was at the invitation of Commissioner Andor to discuss the status of the EGF Fund.
Having been denied funding by the Department of Enterprise Trade & Innovation for the trip it became necessary to seek a sponsor. Without a sponsor the invitation to meet Commissioner Andor would have had to be declined.

Job placement which was one of the cornerstones of the EGF so that our members could be employed cannot now happen. This is because of the failure of the Irish Government to include this as part of the EGF submission to Europe. When Tony O'Shea asked the Commissioner if it was possible to include the redundant workers from Cherrywood so that they could benefit from the Fund....the answer was NO!!! This was due again to the Government's failure to include Cherrywood in the original submission.
Report on Radio Limerick Live 95FM 

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