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Sunday, February 28, 2010

EGF Information for former DELL and ancillary workers

The following has been copied from the FAS website:

EGF Information for former DELL and ancillary workers.

FÁS is committed to working closely with relevant state organisations and stakeholders to provide an effective integrated service for affected workers to explore their future options in re-training, upskilling, education and self-employment. Click Here for further information on the range of EGF funding, supports and programmes for eligible workers is available on

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Statement from Government on Dell/Social Welfare/Jobseekers Issue

THANKS TO ALL WHO ATTENDED THE PROTEST OUTSIDE THE GRANARY ON TUESDAY MORNING. The following appeared on the Dept Social Welfare website Tuesday evening. At least there has been some movement on the part of Social Welfare.

Please refer to: Dell Workers Who Attend Education / Training Courses Will Retain Their Entitlement To Jobseekers Payments(Last Updated: 23/02/2010 18:12)for the official Government Press Release. And below is the text of the Press Release.

from Limerick NewsWire
date 23 February 2010 18:15
subject Statement from Government on Dell issue
details 18:15 (21 hours ago)

Hi there guys,
The Department of Social and Family Affairs responded in a statement Tuesday night on the issue.
Here it is in full.

Dell Workers Who Attend Education / Training Courses Will Retain Their Entitlement To Jobseekers Payments

Under the terms associated with the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF), it is not envisaged that in general any monies from the fund will be paid directly to former Dell workers. Therefore, the social welfare entitlements of the former workers will not be affected as no money will be directly received.

Instead funding is being channelled through the relevant State agencies and educational institutions to deliver the required supports to eligible redundant workers. Workers who were made statutorily redundant from Dell may retain their Jobseeker payments while attending education or training courses under the terms of the Back to Education (BTEA) schemes operated by the Department of Social and Family Affairs.

BTEA participants attending an approved full-time course can keep their Jobseeker payments for the duration of that course (which may be a number of years). Those who participate in an approved part-time course can receive welfare support for as long as they would ordinarily be entitled to a Jobseeker payment (9-12 months in the case of those on Jobseeker’s Benefit, or longer for those who qualify for the means-tested Jobseeker’s Allowance). These provisions equally apply to workers studying HETAC or FETAC accredited third level courses at private colleges.

The Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment is the responsible authority for making EGF applications and drawing down EU funding. That Department is also working with FÁS to make a range of programmes available to the former Dell employees. The package of programmes is currently being finalised.

The European Globalisation Adjustment Fund exists to support workers who lose their jobs as a result of changing global trade patterns or the global economic and financial crisis so that they can be prepared to find another job as quickly as possible.

An application was made by Ireland, and recently approved by EU, in the context of the Dell redundancies in Raheen, Co. Limerick. It is estimated that up to 2,900 workers are involved when qualifying downstream companies affected by this closure are included and a combined total of €22.8 million is available, between EU and Government funding, to provide complementary retraining, upskilling, entrepreneurial supports and educational opportunities for the relevant workers. The allocated funding will be available for spending until September 2011.

Department of Social and Family Affairs

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The following item should be read in conjunction with the previous two items. It should help put things in perspective with regard to YOUR FUND:

"Some images from The EGF Protest earlier on Tuesday morning". AND
"Recent Reply to Our Query on Social Welfare Issue."

These are extracts from two Press Releases from The Dept of Enterprise, Trade and Employment which should be read in conjuncion
The following item should be read in conjunction with the previous two items:

Calleary details implementation of EGF funding for redundant DELL Workers. Minister for Labour Affairs, Mr. Dara Calleary, T.D. today (Friday 8 January 2010) outlined the active labour market measures being put in place to assist redundant workers at the DELL computer manufacturing plant at Raheen, Co. Limerick and at ancillary enterprises in the Mid West regionRead on

Calleary details contacts with redundant DELL Workers. Minister for Labour Affairs, Mr. Dara Calleary, T.D. today (Friday 22 January 2010) confirmed that FAS has contacted all of the redundant workers from the DELL computer manufacturing plant at Raheen, Co. Limerick and at ancillary enterprises in the Mid West region to inform them of the supports being offered with the assistance of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF). Read on

Some images from The EGF Protest earlier on Tuesday morning.

Some images from "The European Global Fund" Protest earlier on Tuesday morning.

A number of Redundant Workers representing the Dell Redundant Workers Association gathered outside the offices of the EGF this morning Tuesday February 23rd to PROTEST at the fact that our members were being faced with an uncertain future vis a vis the The European Global Fund. They braved the cold weather to make known their concerns. The local and national media attended the event and interviewed a number of members for TV and Radio. Lets hope Minister Dara Calleary will sit up and take notice. Already some private colleges have been forced to postpone courses because of the uncertain situation that prevails.

Recent Reply to Our Query on Social Welfare Issue

We think it timely to make available to you a copy of email sent recently to the Association in response to our email re. Social Welfare Entitlements
to Dell Redundant Workers Association
date 17 February 2010 17:11
subject Re: EGF Funding

hide details 17 Feb (6 days ago)

Dear Denis
As previously discussed, I am committed to visiting Limerick at the
earliest opportunity. I was intending to visit before the end of the month,
but unfortunately I am away on official Government business until March
2nd. I propose to visit Limerick on my return and have pencilled in March
4th as the date.This is a provisional date and I will confirm it with you
on Monday. I would also like to take this opportunity to visit the old
Krupps facility as discussed with you previously.

In relation to Social Welfare, I am well aware that these are serious and
urgent matter for all those concerned, however, the issues are technical
and complex and my Department and the Department of Social and Family
Affairs are continuing to strive for a solution on this we are working
through the range of issues involved. . I will of course keep you informed
of progress in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Dara Calleary T.D
Minister for Labour Affairs

Monday, February 22, 2010



The Dept of Social Welfare are threatening to stop entitlements if you avail of the EGF Fund.

To date there are still outstanding issues which require clarification by the Dept of Social Welfare & FAS. For this reason some of the private colleges have been forced to delay the implementation of their courses, this only leads to additional frustation on the part of our members concerned. The disgruntlement is so obvious from the flood of emails we have received & the number of callers to our office in Upper William Street.

Although the Committee is working extremely hard to resolve outstanding issues we are nevertheless being faced with a brick wall at every hands turn. Therefore the Committee has decided to mount a PROTEST outside the new EGF offices in the Granary Limerick. The PROTEST will take place this Tuesday morning at 10.00am to highlight the unresolved issues with FAS & The Dept of Social Welfare.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chevron Training Ireland’s Employment Focused Training Provider

Chevron Training is Ireland’s Employment Focused Training Provider. Chevron deliver courses in growing sectors such as Renewable Energy, Water Conservation and in the buoyant Repair and Maintenance sector. During recessionary times consumers choose to repair instead of replace goods.

In 2009, over 50% of all new jobs created were in the renewable energy sector, the availability of government grants for homeowners has been a key reason for the growth in this sector. Chevron Training are providing FREE face to face consultations for Dell RWA members in Limerick to discuss their employment prospects.

To arrange a FREE face to face consultation in Limerick please call Mr. Karl Fitzpatrick on 1890 252 647 or to check out Chevron’s full range of courses visit their website at Chevron Training

Question Relating to Issues with The Department of Social Welfare

In relation to any problems regarding The Department of Social Welfare & the European Globalisation Fund, Jan O'Sullivan T.D. has contacted us and is looking into this matter. The Dell Redundancy Workers Association has contacted FAS/EGF Coordination Unit with our members concerns.

We have made it known to David Smith and Mary Donnelly of The EGF that if there is no reply by this Friday then we will have to consider taking some more appropriate action(Tuesday) to expedite the solution to this problem.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ex-Dell Employee Start-Up

Mary owner of RentAndHire was made redundant from Dell last June and knows how difficult it is to find work at the moment. So, she has set up a special section on the RentAndHire website, to allow unemployed people from Dell workers from other companies affected by the Dell closure to add a summary of their CV to her new site. You can add your name, phone number, how far you can travel for work, what kind of work you are looking for and what your work experience and qualifications are. She will do her best to let recruitment agencies, government agencies and employers know about your details on the site. You should place your ad in the section called Other : Available for work.

Don’t forget to let everyone know.

If you are unsure or don’t know how to place your ads on the website, then let Mary know and she will help you with it. Her contact number is 061 307628 or email Mary at

Money Advice & Dealing with Debt

We have added to the "helpful links" section in the left panel.

Experiencing Financial difficulties ?
Problems paying off Debts ?
Need Advice on Money Management ?

MABS is the body that has been given the job of helping members of the public to deal with their money problems.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Happy Valentine's Day February 14th 2010

To all Lovers, ex-Lovers and would-be Lovers "A message of Hope":

Friday, February 12, 2010

The EGF Information Event.

Ex Dell & Associated Company workers attended the INFORMATION FAIR at The South Court Hotel, Raheen, Limerick. They had the opportunity of engaging with the providers of Training and other courses run by established colleges. Also present were a number of private colleges and providers of private courses. These colleges/companies were particularly useful in providing new opportunities and a new thinking to those in attendance.

There was an air of anticipation evident on Thursday morning as the doors opened. Inside the main entrance the Committee of your Association was to be seen hard at work. Yes, preparing for what was to be an onslaught of former workers of Dell and Associated companies beating one another to be first in the queue. These people had heard so much about the activities and successes of the Dell Workers Association that they couldn't wait to join up. The General Meeting which took place in The Strand Hotel the night before was on everybody's lips. It was indeed a pleasure to meet again work colleagues some of whom we have not met in over six months

The South Court are to be congratulated on the service provided on both Thursday and Friday. It was indeed a historic occasion probably never to be repeated. Is this Limerick Phoenix rising from the Ashes???
Ex Dell workers attending the first day of the Jobs FairReport on TV3 5.30pm News Thursday.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tax/Financial Advisor/Happy Client

Above from left to right: Bridget Murphy(Tax Advisor), Patricia O'Donnell(Financial Advisor), Frank Downey(Happy Client).
Pictured at the Dell Redundant Workers Association General Meeting in The Strand Hotel, Limerick Wednesday February 10th.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Latest News on RTE Aertel Wednesday Feb 10th

Dell Staff Funding to be released. Read on

Temporary Closure of Office at 31/32 William Street Limerick

Please note our office will be closed this Thursday and Friday to enable us to attend the South Court for the Informatin Event. We looking forward to meeting you.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fine Gael Leader visits Dell Redundant Workers Association at Griffith College, Limerick.

Enda Kenny Leader of Fine Gael visited Limerick recently and met with the Dell Redundant Workers Association. He discussed how EU funding for the re-training of those made redundant will be spent.See the interview on TV3 News at 5.30pm

And don't forget to attend our Special General Meeting tomorrow night 8.30pm at the Strand Hotel Limerick. Please note: David Smith of FAS will be in attendance.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Replies to Comments on Claiming from the Fund

We are always delighted to respond to comments to the best of our ability.
With regard to the comments below any accredited college should be covered. For further information please attend at the Strand Hotel this wednesday Feb 10th at 8.30pm. David Smith of FAS will be in attendance and he should be able to enlighten you as to your inqueries.

The Dellrwa Team.
tim said...

January 28, 2010 2:40 PM
billy said...

Had interview with guidance counsellor today in downtown centre
02/02/2010, i sourced a private college on
a 3 year full time degree. it seems as private colleges are not part of E.G.F.

Can anyone update on this ?

Dell Redundant Workers' Association & Associated Companies.

(Dell, Banta, Sodexo, Irish Cargo Express, Sercom, Novo Strat, Rehab Logistics, Cube Printin, R.P.S.)


Data: 10 Luty 2010
Miejsce: Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick.
Czasowy: 20.30

Spotkanie dotyczy €22.8 mln z Funduszy Unii Europejskiej

Jesli zostales zwolniony z pracy w Dellu mozesc ubiegac sie o fundusze na

1. Dalsza edukacje

2. Przekwalifikowanie

3. Dofinansowanie do wlasnej firmy

Wiecej informacji pod numerem telefonu 061-317843

Public Meeting to be held in The Strand Hotel, Limerick
on Feb 10th 8.30pm

Due to circumstances beyond our control The Public Meeting booked for Thomond Part has been changed to:

The Strand Hotel, Limerick
Date: 10th February 2010
Time: 8.30PM

Our meeting regarding the €22.8 Million European Globalisation Fund will be ahead of the Information Event which is being held in the South Court Hotel, Raheen on the 11th & 12th February.
The venue was changed due to preparations for the Information fair taking place in the room. The Strand Hotel is located on O'Callaghan Strand Limerick, near Sarsfield Bridge.

David Smith will be in attendance on behalf of the Government to listen to concerns and to outline what has been accomplished so far.

We look forward to meeting with you and as always if you know of anybody who hasn't yet contacted us we will be available to take new registrations at the Event in the South Court Hotel(11th+12th)

With apologies for any confusion.
-The DellRWA team.

Please click below:

Volunteering for Special Olympics Limerick Games 2010

A chara,

Following up on our call last week, here is some further information on volunteering opportunities with the Special Olympics for the Irish Games 2010.

Attached is a short document with primary points on the Special Olympics in general, the set-up of the Limerick Games and the opportunities for volunteering at these Games.

The second attachment is a flyer with dates of the Volunteer Information Sessions that will be running during February.

There are two things that a potential volunteer must do in order to get involved:

1. Register with Special Olympics, either online at or by paper application form at one of our Info Sessions
2. Come to one of the Information Sessions listed in the Flyer document attached

As there is a 12-week Garda Vetting process as part of the application, it must be noted that if someone wishes to get involved they really must do so by the end of February.

Special Olympics Ireland has a dispensation arrangement with the Social Welfare Office that permits a Special Olympics volunteer to give their time to volunteering without losing their welfare benefits (as bv the letter of the law, welfare payment is stopped per day if an individual takes on voluntary work). In getting this agreement passed, many benefits of volunteering for the unemployed person were highlighted, including social matters such as getting out and about and the satisfaction of the work and more professional concerns such as development of new skills, change in job type, work experience, and developing new contacts that may lead to a return to employment.

I hope you may advertise the attachments and forward this email to the members of the RWA and it would be great if many decided to join up with the Special Olympics. If enough interest exists, we would be more than happy to present one of the Volunteer Information Sessions to the Dell RWA members exclusively in a venue that might suit the group.

Kindest regards,

Shane Moran

Volunteer Coordinator
2010 Games, Limerick
Special Olympics Ireland

t: 061-333528
m: 085-1646548