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Friday, February 12, 2010

The EGF Information Event.

Ex Dell & Associated Company workers attended the INFORMATION FAIR at The South Court Hotel, Raheen, Limerick. They had the opportunity of engaging with the providers of Training and other courses run by established colleges. Also present were a number of private colleges and providers of private courses. These colleges/companies were particularly useful in providing new opportunities and a new thinking to those in attendance.

There was an air of anticipation evident on Thursday morning as the doors opened. Inside the main entrance the Committee of your Association was to be seen hard at work. Yes, preparing for what was to be an onslaught of former workers of Dell and Associated companies beating one another to be first in the queue. These people had heard so much about the activities and successes of the Dell Workers Association that they couldn't wait to join up. The General Meeting which took place in The Strand Hotel the night before was on everybody's lips. It was indeed a pleasure to meet again work colleagues some of whom we have not met in over six months

The South Court are to be congratulated on the service provided on both Thursday and Friday. It was indeed a historic occasion probably never to be repeated. Is this Limerick Phoenix rising from the Ashes???
Ex Dell workers attending the first day of the Jobs FairReport on TV3 5.30pm News Thursday.

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  1. a suggestion for the goblal fund as not everyone will be interested in returning to education would it not be a good idea for the goverment to provide job placement in the civil service for ex dell workers some of the fund could go for providing the training and some a training allowence for ex dell workers, as a bonus this could and would help to heal the private public divide