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Monday, February 8, 2010

Volunteering for Special Olympics Limerick Games 2010

A chara,

Following up on our call last week, here is some further information on volunteering opportunities with the Special Olympics for the Irish Games 2010.

Attached is a short document with primary points on the Special Olympics in general, the set-up of the Limerick Games and the opportunities for volunteering at these Games.

The second attachment is a flyer with dates of the Volunteer Information Sessions that will be running during February.

There are two things that a potential volunteer must do in order to get involved:

1. Register with Special Olympics, either online at or by paper application form at one of our Info Sessions
2. Come to one of the Information Sessions listed in the Flyer document attached

As there is a 12-week Garda Vetting process as part of the application, it must be noted that if someone wishes to get involved they really must do so by the end of February.

Special Olympics Ireland has a dispensation arrangement with the Social Welfare Office that permits a Special Olympics volunteer to give their time to volunteering without losing their welfare benefits (as bv the letter of the law, welfare payment is stopped per day if an individual takes on voluntary work). In getting this agreement passed, many benefits of volunteering for the unemployed person were highlighted, including social matters such as getting out and about and the satisfaction of the work and more professional concerns such as development of new skills, change in job type, work experience, and developing new contacts that may lead to a return to employment.

I hope you may advertise the attachments and forward this email to the members of the RWA and it would be great if many decided to join up with the Special Olympics. If enough interest exists, we would be more than happy to present one of the Volunteer Information Sessions to the Dell RWA members exclusively in a venue that might suit the group.

Kindest regards,

Shane Moran

Volunteer Coordinator
2010 Games, Limerick
Special Olympics Ireland

t: 061-333528
m: 085-1646548


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