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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

European Progress Microfinance Facility

We have received the following email being an update on:
The European Progress Microfinance Facility
date 27 July 2010 09:45
subject RE: EU micro finance

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your mail of 07.07.2010 where you enquire about how to apply for a loan under the European Progress Microfinance Facility.

In fact, the Facility is at this moment in the process of being set up. It is to be managed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) on the behalf of the Commission. The first step will be for the EIF to select microfinance providers in the Member States. These providers can be banks, not-for-profit micro lenders or institutions providing guarantees and other providers of microfinance products to microenterprises. With a view to this selection, the EIF has already presented a call for declaration of interest of microfinance providers European Progress Microfinance Facility

This means that, you cannot make your application yet for a microloan in your country. You must wait until the microfinance providers have been selected there. The names and other details of the microfinance providers will be published first on the website of the European Investment Fund ( My advice to you, therefore, is to consult that website regularly and to time your application accordingly.\epmf
Further information on the Facility is available on our own website: Read on.

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