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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pre Apprenticership Course

"Here is the text of an email received from one of our members living in Co Tipperary: 
Hi Fergus, at present I am participating in a course which is being hosted by FAS at Roxboro. Today I was talking to a man who is conducting a course aimed at young people who are currently unemployed and don't know what to do in life. It's called a Pre Apprenticership course and involves mainly basic construction work, e.g. building a timber frame extension or shed, installing central heating, flooring, roofing, blocklaying, plastering etc.

It' s the kind that would prove very beneficial to anyone contemplating more advanced DIY at home or if they have some skill and experience, doing odd jobs, handyman style, to earn some money. I'm sure that a fair few of my former colleagues would find a course like this quite interesting. Not everbody would be keen on developing IT skills and the internship scheme doesn't suit a lot of people either. Could you circulate this to all on your mailing list please and there is a positive reaction then we could approach the EGF people for funding.
Had I known that something like this was being offered by FAS, then I certainly would have enrolled before now and would have asked that it be made available to all redundant Dell workers.

I think it would an excellent use of EGF funding. Oh, and it's not a men only thing either.

Cheers Eamon."

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