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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ENTITLEMENT to The European Globalisation Fund

EDIT: This information is out of date, the companies that were added were removed again as it was against regulation. Only the employees companies on the application the Government submitted to Europe for approval are eligible.

For the current list see the EGF Eligible companies link at the top of the blog.

The following forms the list of companies declared eligible for the EGF in June 2010, the list was revised down to the original 9 companies in just a month.
  • Dell Products
  • Banta Global Turnkey
  • Aeroboard
  • Axiom Enterprises
  • Cube Printing
  • Dutex
  • Federal Security
  • Irish Cargo Express
  • Novo Strat
  • Rehab Logistics
  • RPS Printing
  • Sercom
  • Sodexo
  • U.P.S.

If you are a former member of any of the above companies and have not received notification from The EGF Office please make contact with The Dell Redundancy Association, 31/32 Upper William Street, Limerick. 061317843/email:

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