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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EGF - Life Long Learning

What does it do?

Lest is be forgotten The European Globalisation Fund includes a provision to allow for "Life Long Learning". It is exactly what it says i.e. it concerns learning from the cradle to the grave. So there is no excuse for anybody to be excluded from participating in the EGF Fund.

The following is taken from the EU website:

The EGF can fund active labour market measures focused entirely on helping the workers made redundant as a result of globalisation, for example through:
  • job-search assistance, occupational guidance, tailor-made training and re-training including IT skills and certification of acquired experience, outplacement assistance and entrepreneurship promotion or aid for self-employment,
  • special time-limited measures, such as job-search allowances, mobility allowances or allowances to individuals participating in lifelong learning and training activities.More
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