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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Gain Nationally Recognised Qualifications
JobFit is a free 13 week programme of training for unemployed people to help them improve their skills and find a job. We will work with you from programme start to finish, providing a personalised service to help you overcome the challenges you face in getting a job. We provide training, support, qualifications, job searching advice and guidance.
Free Training: Gain nationally recognised qualifications.
Work Placements & Job Placements: Gain valuable work experience and jobs with local employers
Job Search Support: Get tips and advice to help you find the right job
JobFit is for anyone who has been in receipt of social welfare payments for 3 months or more and who are qualified to junior cert level or below.
Contact: JobFit Limerick - Freephone 1800 303 354 - Email:
Nicola Ryan - Jobfit Advisor
JobFit - TBG Learning

Unit 11C Watch House Cross Limerick
Freephone: 1800 303354
Landline: 061 324787

JobFit Region: Limerick - Clare - Tipperary


  1. Job Fit is another FAS jobs scam stealing jobs from the community & returning nothing..FAS have been responsible for robbing the community(the unemployed they proport to help) of full time paid tax returnable jobs for years,while draining one billion out of our community,they have no respect for any community they enter and provide their own brand of employment which sucks what could have been full time jobs out of the community.Further consigning those on the poverty line to a lifetime of further poverty.They have had a system in place whereby,if you got hired as an apprentice or a ce worker,you would not be put in a position of employment,yet they reffered to themselves an employment agency.FAS (or faux jobs) had a habit of replacing full time posts with free labour posts,why do multi national businesses and local businesses need subsidising from agnecies like FAS and JOBFIT,obviously you could argue that this is cost effective for the company involved,but how is this cost effective for the government,if thier is no tax returns?Job fit is basically a similiar scam,the central idea is that they provide free labour,to whatever business might be interested in their services,and approach them.They got funded 32 million by our government this year for 12,000 welfare recipients.With money falling out of the country to TGB ''learning'' network and rehab care,angela kerins is the head of rehab care and jobfit,she got funded by our government for 52 million for rehab care and seperately 32 million for jobfit,thats the problem with our country we are a joke this enterprising scammer can have 2 jobs ,while there are some living in ireland WHO DO NOT EVEN HAVE ONE JOB!