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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We had a comment recently which queried/warned that the time for accessing funds through the enterprise board might be much sorter than expected due to the time needed to process claims.

 In response to our query Ned Twomey (Manager County Enterprise Board) responded with the following;

You are correct Ger June the 28th is the final day for activity. I am awaiting instructions from the Department on whether cheques can be written after the 28th or not. This will decide when the last invoices can be received. The worst case would be the 14th of June.

In relation to application for funding for business, I would suggest that applications should be received by the end of March

So for those of you already who have already begun the process aim to have as much done as possible before mid June. If any of you have not yet approached your Enterprise Board but are planning on doing so time is growing short and you should move with your idea as soon as possible.

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