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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kieran O'Donnell on Course funding beyond June

Press Release from Kieran O'Donnell TD on 086 8430202                 8/2/2011

O’Donnell Calls for Funding to be Provided for Redundant Dell Workers to Complete Courses.

- Up to 200 students may be forced to drop out of college while more than €10 million in unspent EGF monies may be returned to Brussels

Kieran O’Donnell TD, Fine Gael Spokesman on Enterprise & Employment and TD for Limerick City has today called for an immediate review the rules of the Dell European Globalisation Fund to prevent hundreds of students who are currently in receipt of financial support from the fund from dropping out of education when the fund expires in June. 

“It is now expected that around €10 million of the €22.8 million fund may be left unspent and returned to Brussels. 

“Despite this, around 200 students currently in receipt of Dell EGF funding to pursue 3rd level studies are being told they are set to lose their funding once the fund ceases next June. 

“Its really crazy stuff.  I have written to Tanaiste Mary Coughlan requesting that a review of the rules of the EGF be commenced without delay with a view to providing funding for these people.

“Those who started courses with EGF support had a reasonable expectation that they would be supported to see out their studies.

“The reality instead though is that people who will have completed the first year of their studies will be left without funding to complete their second and third years, while a vast amount of EGF retraining money goes unspent.

“These are unemployed people who are trying to upskill and retrain.  They would not have made the commitment to go back to education if they knew they would be left high and dry after one year. 

“There must be a major review of the operation of the Dell EGF immediately in order to make sure these people are not forced to drop out of college.

“The cost of these people returning to the dole queues is simply not justifiable when they are willing and able to educate themselves to a high level and hopefully secure gainful employment with their new skills.

“I am determined in government to secure an immediate review of the Dell EGF so that these people are not forced back on the dole queues.  It is very important that these people have the certainty to complete their studies and ultimately move back into gainful employment. 


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