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Thursday, March 11, 2010


On Thursday March 4th a SESSION of THE JOINT OIREACHTAS COMMITTEE ON ENTERPRISE, TRADE AND EMPLOYMENT was held in Leinster House. This was to hear from The Dell Redundant Workers Association as to the present impasse regarding the distribution of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund. The DellRWA was represented by:
Denis Ryan(Chairman) and fellow Committe members PaulO'Connor(Vice-Chairman), Gerry Hinchy(Treasurer), Tony O'Shea(Negotiator), Pat O'Sullivan(Representing Non-Nationals) as well as Thomas Costelloe(Secretary)

The DellRWA gave a spirited performance which has been referred to in a previous post on this site. A thorough presentation of the facts were put before the TDs present. Various issues concerning the European Globalisation Fund were aired. FAS & The Dept of Social Welfare were probably a bit the worst for wear after the proceedings. At the end of the SESSION there was a Q & A in which our Committee were grilled. We who watched them on the office PC in Griffith College via streaming media were rooted to the spot while we watched a sort of history been made before our very eyes.

It should not be forgotten that your Committee followed in the footsteps of former Giants of Labour, Commerce and Industry who at one time or another bestrode this sacred place like a colossus.

A transcript of the proceedings is available here

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