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Thursday, June 5, 2014

UL Unemployment Research Survey

The following is a request received from Mary M. Molloy, Fiona Corrigan, Limerick University 
Limerick University has requested us to inform you that they are carrying out a survey of people's experiences of unemployment.  They would greatly appreciate your participation in this survey.  This survey aims to look at the psychological consequences of unemployment in Limerick and environs with a view to reducing the undesirable effects of unemployment on people's mental health.

This survey applies to both employed and unemployed people.  Mary M. Molloy and Fiona Corrigan of Limerick University are conducting this survey for the purpose of helping people cope better with the consequences of redundancy.  We aim to use this information to inform government on policy in this regard.

This is the link to the online survey:

Your name will be included anywhere on the survey and all the information you provide is anonymous and confidential.

Thank you.

Mary M. Molloy, Fiona Corrigan

Limerick University

email address:

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