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Monday, February 3, 2014

Devastating cost to families and homes in wake of floods

Andrew Carey  
February 3, 2014

Limerick Flood 009OVER 2,000 homes, more than 300 people in an area covering 200 acres with flood water being pumped out at a rate of 1,300 gallons per minute.
Those were the figures attached to the devastation caused by the unprecedented flooding in parts of Limerick with the people, families and homes of St Mary’s Park some of the worst affected.
But numbers aside, the emotional, let alone the financial cost that this flooding has brought to people throughout the city and county is much more than than can be calculated. Read on.......
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Midwest is available to assist those who have been affected by recent flooding. If we can help in anyway please contact:
  • SVP Ennis on 065 6824188
  • SVP Limerick on 061 317327 (office hours) or 087 985 68 96 anytime  Read on .....
Safety Message from Inter-Agency Flood Response Team 
Always assume flood water is contaminated.
Do not underestimate the depth changing as road surfaces or manhole covers may be damaged.
Avoid contact with flood water if possible.
If you have to walk through a flood water do not then bring the content into an un flooded part of your home.
Destroy any food that has come into contact with flood water.
Do not let children play in flood water.
Consider where toys have come into contact with flood water.
Personal hygiene and particularly hand hygiene are extremely important in a flood area.
If you have any cuts or grazes cover them with a plaster.
Only come into contact with flood water where unavoidable or necessary and for the shortest period of time.
Avoid river banks and areas under water which may be damaged.
Keep electrical cables out of water.
Take the advice of the emergency services throughout the flood.
Contact 999 or 0614178333 if you require assistance.

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