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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Press release:: European Commission
To boost protection for posted workers

21/03/12 - European Commission
To address the specific issues of abuse where workers do not enjoy their full rights in terms of for example, pay or holidays, especially in the construction sector, the Commission has put forward concrete, practical proposals as part of an enforcement Directive to increase monitoring and compliance and to improve the way existing rules on posted workers are applied in practice.
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What is a 'posted worker'?
A posted worker is a person who, for a limited period, carries out his or her work in the territory of an EU Member State other than the State in which he or she normally works. The number of posted workers in the EU is estimated to be 1 million (less than 1% of the EU working age population). The sector that most commonly uses posted workers is construction (25%) with a strong SME presence. Other sectors include services, financial and business activities, transport and communication and agriculture. More Information...

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