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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Help in Designing Your Own Website

For those of you who would like to attempt building their own website here is some information from The BBC Webscape Video

And here is a link to:The text of the Video above

One item which hasn't been covered in this video is the matter of domain registration. It is advisable that you have complete control over your domain name.  Your domain name is the URL and the address people type in their browsers to reach your website. Set up an account with a Domain Registrar. Then check if your desired name is available. Whereas .com tended to be the extension of preference in the past it is becoming more the practice to register .ie. Having registered your desired name the domain name you're now the new kid on the block! Your desired/preferred .com name costs no more  than any of the more popular names e.g., or even The approximate cost of registration is under €10.00 per year. However .ie may be somewhat more expensive.  who have a very good backup service 24/7.

Register365 One of the better Irish Providers.

You are now in a position to engage a Web developer or engage in a DIY job. The professional approach is probably the safest route to take. There is nothing stopping you becoming the next Bill Gates. Your market: It is estimated that there are close to 7 Billion Internet users Worldwide, with the USA accounting for 250Million and Europe 470Million. These statistics extracted from Internet World Stats

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