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Monday, January 24, 2011

Limerick City Adult Education Service

Limerick City Adult Education Service has a wide range of part time accredited courses beginning in February 2011. These courses are free to all eligible for EGF funding.  Courses include:

Computers and Internet                                           Beginners to Advanced
Communications                                                        FETAC Levels 2 to 5
Care of the Older Person                                          FETAC Level 5
Occupational First Aid                                              FETAC Level 5
Graphic Design                                                           FETAC Level 4 and 5
Everyday Science                                                      FETAC Level 4
English for Speakers of Other Languages             FETAC Levels 3 and 4
Link Learning and Work                                            FETAC Levels 3 and 4
(Career Information & Work Experience combined)

Phone 061 445736 for application form and further information.  Closing date for applications is Friday January 28th.


  1. WHERE'S THE LINK to the site?

  2. The have a pdf document that they are going to host on their site which I was going to link to and will do so as soon as I have it.

    Not linking to was a mistake on my part.