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Thursday, January 28, 2010


With regard to the FAS invitation to the South Court on 11/12 February, we would suggest that instead of committing yourself to any of the courses offered, you might consider an alternative course which would be more suitable to your needs. Some of the private colleges are quite flexible in their approach. We have been speaking directly to some of these private colleges to are prepared

However as we already have pointed there seems to be some confusion as to effect on benefits for someone attending one of these colleges. The FUND was created especially for YOU. In this respect your are in the driving seat or that is as is meant to be. As of now a number of private colleges have taken on many of our members.

We are  very concerned that even at this late stage the criteria as to entitlement has not been established in writing. Or at least we have not seen a copy of these criteria.

YOU are your own Master. YOU are entitled to choose your own career. No one can take that right from you. REMEMBER the European Global Fund in YOURS.

You have a unique opportunity to mark your own mark. Lets grab the reins and enter THE GREAT RACE together.

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