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Friday, January 8, 2010

Dell Redundant Workers Association

King John's Castle, Limerick

You are invited to be part of a revolutionary process in Limerick. Since DELL Computers closed with the loss of 2000 jobs and many more ancillary workers. Among the companies affected were Banta, Sercom Solutions and IEC. Of course the counties of Limerick, Kerry, Clare, Tipperary and Galway were in the loop also.

There is a fund of €23,000,000 of a Globalisation Fund set aside by Europe to help the workers affected. It is hoped that workers would either set up their own businesses or go back to education or both. The Minister For Enterprise And Employment Mary Coughlan has the responsibility of seeing that the Fund is administered.

Here's hoping that 2010 will see an improvement in at least some people lives. Limerick has come back from the brink before and we will do it again.


  1. Great to see this website up and running
    One suggestion for the global fund is to reinstate the levels of maintenance grant which were cut by the government for any ex dell worker returning to collage

  2. Great website very informative!